Saturday, August 23, 2008

RiGID news/blog roundup

-First and foremost: Barack Obama has chosen Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Feministing has a great in-depth piece about what this means for abortion rights, marriage equality, and other feminist issues. I'm disappointed, but it won't change the way I'm going to vote this fall. What do you think?

-It's old news at this point, but last weekend talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got married in a small private ceremony at their home in California. Best wishes to them. Can I haz Arrested Development Movie now?

-Australian feminist Germaine Greer (The Female Eunuch) recently made some waves in the feminist blogosphere with her essay, "On Rage", which suggests that domestic violence towards Aboriginal women is "understandable". Jezebel has more.

-Bjork sounds off on sexism in the music industry.....and Laura blares "Army of Me" on her laptop.

-Racialicious has a fabulous post on the portrayal of Muslim women in comic books.

-And Sarah Haskins continues to be awesome.

Local Baltimore Feminist-y Events:

-NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland and the Creative Alliance will be hosting Choice Avengers!: A Variety Show for Superheroines on Sept. 5 at 8pm. There will be music, comedy, a drag king, and lots of sexy feminists in spandex.

-Samantha Manchester recently established the "Anti Apathy Alliance" and will be hosting an I-VAWA letter writing campaign night on sept 13 at 6pm. Check out the Meetup page for more info.

Am I missing any upcoming Baltimore events? How about Shepherd or Marshall?



Samantha Manchester said...

Thanks for mentioning I-VAWA campaign night.

It's too bad that Rigid's other writers (Caitlin and Nicole!) are far away and won't be able to come cause I know they'd add a lot to the spirit of the night.

Cool post, Laura.

Cait said...

Um...Marshall's a school, not so much a city. Huntington is what you are looking for. Seriously, for West Virginia its a pretty important city even!