Wednesday, September 17, 2008

urgent! save BITCH!

This is big. Bitch is, quite simply, the best feminist publication out there today, and we can't afford to loose it. We can, however, afford to spare 10 or 15 bucks to do our part to keep it alive. Please please pleeaaasse donate!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Republican National Conventions on you guys, don't adjust your screens, the crowd really IS all white people!

The Republican National Convention, I think, is enough to draw any blogger out of the wood work. A few geeky rants:

  • Go to the RNC website. Do not click any ads, do not let them collect $200. Now, take a look at those icons being used in the sidebar. WTF?! Are they 80?? Well, yes. But are they running Windows 98 or something?? Ok, that seems pretty likely too. Their use of shitty clip art boggles the mind. Also, who decided that McCain was best represented by a nautical star? That seems a little out there to me.
  • As a 4-H geek in West Virginia, as a feminist, an American, and human being, I was disgusted by Palin's speech. When I say as a 4-Her, it is because she used the term 'community organizer' as if it was a synonym for 'useless potsmoking hippy.' An irony, considering how many community organizers are conservative Christian church groups. As a West Virginian, I just found it painful to hear the name of my beautiful state in her mouth. Incidentally, both her and Obama say they support 'Clean Coal Technologies.' If you want to know more about the issue I can blog or you can wiki mountain top removal sometime. Moving on, as a feminist, I am disgusted at the use of chromosomes to try to bolster a campaign. Yes, thats right, us silly women will ignore the issues and vote for who looks most like us, because really, our tiny girl brains just can't handle all those politics. And math is hard. Every American and human being should be offended by her slanderous, misleading, and generally fucking ridiculous speech.
  • I watched Obama's appearence on the O'Reilly factor on YouTube, naturally, and during the video you could hear the person recording this recieve a text message on AIM. Just figured I'd throw that in as a really annoying thing to a geek. Also, YouTube it, its awesome.
  • My favourite vlogger has some excellent points to make about the RNC. Subscribe to illdoc1, he's hilarious and brilliant. Right up there with my Niel Cicierega and Feministing subscriptions as most exciting to see new posts from ever.

Ok, so I guess this is a bit of a stretch as a geek blog, but what's a member of the 'angry left' to do? If it helps any, I'm going to check out some podcasting software and then play The Sims 2, while thinking very longingly about Spore and The Sims 3. Also, let us not forget that I made a really lame Monopoly reference here, I'm pretty sure that gains me at least a few geek points back.